Autism Provider Opens Clinic in Harrisburg
January 10, 2023


NeurAbilities Healthcare, a leading provider of healthcare services for people with autism and other neurological conditions, is expanding further into Pennsylvania, to address a large and growing need among children and families.

“Many children in Pennsylvania are in need of diagnostic evaluations, treatment, or both, and many remain on waiting lists. The sooner they receive these services, the better for the children’s development and their families’ overall quality of life,” said Kathleen Stengel, BCBA, chief executive officer of NeurAbilities Healthcare.

The organization will open a treatment center in Harrisburg, with a free open house to be held Dec. 8 from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. at the location of 353 Markle Drive, Suite 4, Harrisburg, PA 17111. Free screenings for developmental delays will be available during the opening event, using a self-conducted assessment tool that is scored by NeurAbilities staff.

This new clinic, specifically designed for children with autism, presents a playful ‘inventions’ theme and will also feature:

An indoor play area to help children learn a wide range of skills, including communication and socialization.
Special lighting that addresses sensory sensitivities.
Individual and group treatment rooms.
NeurAbilities also provides in-home treatment for children who live in the surrounding areas, and can serve children in their school, daycare program, or other community sites. Treatment is based on applied behavior analysis (ABA) – considered the gold standard of care for autism.

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“The need for diagnostic evaluations and treatment for children in the area continues to rise. Opening new clinics means providing services that facilitate child development and improve the quality of life of our patients and their families,” said Kathleen Stengel, BCBA, chief executive officer of NeurAbilities Healthcare.

The nationally accredited South Jersey-based practice launched a major expansion in 2020, adding five sites by the end of 2021. With this latest addition and others to follow in Harrisburg, Pittsburgh and Delaware County, NeurAbilities will operate a total of 18 facilities across Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

The rate of autism has risen in recent years, and today occurs in about one in 44 children nationwide.

“Autism and other neurological conditions often affect a child’s ability to learn and participate in everyday activities,” Stengel explained. “But proven, effective treatment makes a world of difference for both kids and their families.”

Indeed, NeurAbilities therapists teach children functional skills, and then help them apply their skills at home, and even at school or day care. They also teach parents and other caregivers how to work with their child.

“This consistency enhances children’s learning and development,” Stengel explained.

In Pennsylvania, many families will pay no out-of-pocket fees for ABA services from NeurAbilities. These services are fully covered for families enrolled in Medicaid. In New Jersey, the organization is in-network with many major medical and behavioral-health insurance providers.


The fact that NeurAbilities has continued to maintain full patient rosters and even expand during the pandemic speaks to both the critical need for its services and the quality of care it provides, Stengel said. “Providing safe, effective, high-quality services is our top priority,” she emphasized.

Moreover, the pandemic created even greater needs, as families struggled with many types of disruptions; the impact was even greater on children with disabilities, said Stengel. “As a result, families need our services now more than ever.”

Spurred by that need, NeurAbilities’ growth also has contributed a significant number of high-quality jobs to the region, with the organization now employing more than 300 staff members. And the organization continues to recruit professionals for the ongoing expansion, especially Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) and behavioral health technicians. Recently designated a “Top Workplace” in New Jersey and Philadelphia, NeurAbilities provides paid training and advancement opportunities, as well as a tuition assistance program. To learn more about job opportunities, visit NeurAbilities Careers.

“Ultimately, our goal is to improve the life of each person in our care, and to give more children and adults hope for a better, healthier future,” said Stengel. “‘Hope’ is even the name of the figure in our logo, because hope is central to everything we do. It’s what motivates us to keep going and keep growing.”

To learn more or make an appointment, visit or call (856) 346-0005.

NeurAbilities Healthcare (formerly The Center for Neurological and Neurodevelopmental Health, also known as CNNH NeuroHealth) was formed in 2005 by Dr. Mark Mintz, a leading pediatric neurologist. NeurAbilities is an innovative and integrative organization that provides diagnostic and treatment services for children and adults with neurological, neuropsychological, behavioral, developmental and learning challenges. Such issues include autism, epilepsy, ADHD, concussion and brain injury, intellectual disabilities, Tourette’s syndrome, headaches and migraines, anxiety and mood disorders, among others.

The organization’s unique “Specialty Care Medical Home®” model brings together a team of experts from all aspects of neurological care, working collaboratively to provide the most comprehensive care for each person. Using the latest advances, the NeurAbilities model of care yields accurate diagnoses and effective, personalized treatment plans.

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