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HD-EEG Testing

HD-EEG Testing at NeurAbilities

High Density Electroencephalography (HD-EEG) is a non-invasive technology that images the brain by using sensor data and a computer to detect atypical brain activity with great accuracy. NeurAbilities Healthcare is one of the leading clinical providers of HD-EEG in the nation. We recognize the value of this technology to help our doctors make more accurate, thorough diagnoses.

The Many Benefits of HD-EEG Testing

HD-EEG is a breakthrough approach to EEG testing, as it uses a much larger number of sensors (small sponges that record electrical brain activity) for detection of atypical functions.


128 sensor whole head coverage


Quick and painless application


No sedation, abrasion or gluing


Superior data collection


3D visualization of data


Comfortable patient experience

A Comfortable & Fun Patient Experience

Our HD-EEG technicians have specialized training and experience, and will create a comfortable, soothing experience without the need for sedation. Comfortable chairs, video games and watching television are ways we work to ensure you or your child is occupied. If necessary, we have behavior therapists who can assist HD-EEG technicians to help patients in need.

Testing for Many Different Disorders

Anyone can get HD-EEG testing at NeurAbilities Healthcare. You do not have to be a patient in our practice in order to schedule an HD-EEG test. HD-EEG testing can be a useful tool in evaluating many different disorders including:


Epilepsy / Seizures




Autism Spectrum Disorders




Brain Injury


Neuropsychiatric Disorders

Bobbi's Story

“Bobbi was told she would never be able to drive a car, never attend college, never hold a full time job and never have a family of her own…”

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