Positive Behavior Changes At Home
April 14, 2020


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By Kimberly DiFranco, BCBA

For most parents… sheltering in place is NOT a “Corona”-cation! Have you just become a teacher overnight? Are you struggling to maintain behavior and motivation while they’re at home?

Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered!

Here is a simple trick to increase engagement and positive behavior during your day:

One of the easiest principles of ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) to implement is positive reinforcement through behavior-specific praise. A lot of teachers utilize this strategy to maintain positive behavior and engagement during lessons. It also lets the child know what they’re doing right. For example, if you say “Good job”,  it may be difficult for the child to discriminate what was “good” about the task. If you say, “Super listening to the directions”, the individual can determine what was done well in that time. If behavior- specific praise is a positive reinforcer, you’ll see those behaviors increase over time. Even praising them when they are working independently is fantastic, too! The child or student should know when they’re working nicely even when it is independent. If the only attention is around correction or when they’re off task, it may be more difficult to maintain motivation. It’s one of my favorite strategies because it’s so easy to implement! No materials needed!



• Super following directions
• Nice finishing your work
• Amazing saying “________”
• Fantastic reading
• Great working by yourself!
• Super focused, bud!

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