Staff Spotlight: Adriana Neumann
September 17, 2020


Adriana Neumann, BCBA, LBS, M.Ed., is a Clinical Supervisor at NeurAbilities Healthcare, providing supervision, clinical consultation with staff and parents/guardians, and ABA therapy at NeurAbilities’ new treatment center in Bala Cynwyd, PA.

Adriana finds it rewarding to help parents see their children’s abilities and empower clients and families to be more independent. When asked why she entered the field of behavior analysis, Adriana explains, “When I first observed a behavior therapy session, I was moved by the amount of progress that I saw children make. I was also amazed by the change in perception staff had in the students’ abilities”.

Adriana began her professional career as an Enhanced Autism Teacher and Pre-school Autism Teacher in Virginia while working towards her Master’s degree in Special Education from George Mason University. She gained additional experience as an ABA therapist and obtained her BCBA where she assessed, developed, implemented, and monitored programs and treatment plans for children with autism aged 2 ½ to 18 years old.

Adriana says a common question she gets from parents and caregivers is “how do I provide a consequence for problem behaviors or how am I able to remain objective when addressing challenging behaviors.” She shares that once you learn the reason for a behavior, you can replace the undesired behavior with a socially appropriate behavior and positively reinforce that behavior.

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