Staff Spotlight: Christian Sawyer
January 27, 2021


Christian Sawyer, M.ED., BCBA, LBS, is a Board Certified and Licensed Behavior Analyst (BCBA) providing ABA assessment, therapy and supervision at NeurAbilities in our King of Prussia, PA clinic.

Christian received his Master’s in Education and School Counseling from Wilmington University and his Behavioral Analyst graduate certification from Pennsylvania State University. Christian is currently pursuing his Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) in Educational Psychology.

Over the past decade, Christian has provided Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) assessment and treatment services for children with a range of behavioral conditions, including aggression and self-injurious behaviors, functional communication difficulties, anxiety, and stereotypy using research-based methods and interventions. He also has specialized experience in the implementation and training of ABA to families and colleagues across home, clinic, and school settings. In addition, Christian has worked in educational settings providing individual and group counseling with a focus on anger management, social skills, and goal directed talk therapy.

When asked why he chose to become a behavior analyst, Christian shares, “I enjoyed my time in education and counseling, but I found ABA to be the one method that is supported by ongoing data collection and decades of applicable research. It directly guides individualizing treatments and lets us see the results and progress in observable and measurable ways. The ABA approach is easy to learn, explain, and is extremely rewarding for everyone involved.”

Christian enjoys being a BCBA because it combines the roles of scientist, educator, and therapist, all in one. “I find great value in having a system of knowledge that lets us track a child’s progress and make objective treatment decisions that are based on decades of empirical research. This knowledge also helps caregivers and families understand what is causing a behavior and thus how to change maladaptive ones,” he explains. He finds excitement in exploring new challenges and situations and having the ability to collaborate with other professionals in the field to help advance research.

Fun fact about Christian is that he has used behavioral training with cats to teach walking on leashes, following gestural commands, and sharing territory peacefully with one another!

We are excited to welcome Christian to our team!

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