NeurAbilities Healthcare proudly welcomes Madeline Chadehumbe, M.D. to the team as Head of the Division of Neurology and Developmental Pediatrics.

Drawn to the field of neurology by her fascination with the brain, and recognizing the strong relationship between the brain and the mind, Dr. Chadehumbe is passionate about treating children with neurological and neurobehavioral concerns. She recognizes the importance of instilling hope in patients and their families through evidence-based interdisciplinary care, delivered with compassion and respect.

Viewing childhood as a journey, full of possibilities, Dr. Chadehumbe strives to help each child become the best possible version of their adult self that they can be. Eliminating the feelings of hopelessness her patients’ families may feel is where she begins a patient appointment and finds her energy in seeing sparkles of hope in the eyes of her patients.

Dr. Chadehumbe has special interest in providing treatment for patients with self-injurious behaviors in autism and neurodevelopmental disorders, headaches, dysautonomia, 22q11.2 deletion syndrome, epilepsy, and integrative medicine.

As an advocate for children with a variety of neurological concerns, Dr. Chadehumbe sits on the Medical Advisory Board of the International 22q11.2 Foundation and Eden Autism Board in Princeton, NJ. She is also a recent recipient of Penn Pearls Teaching Award by the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania and of the Diversity Leadership Program Award by the American Academy of Neurology.

Most recently, Dr. Chadehumbe was appointed to the Child Neurology Foundation Board as of October 2022.

Dr. Chadehumbe received her medical degree from the University of Zimbabwe, conducted her pediatric residency at Michigan State University and her child neurology residency at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center University. Following her academic studies, she accomplished triple Board-Certification, specializing in Pediatrics, Child Neurology and Headache medicine.

When asked about the origin of her elegant accent, she explains that it uniquely evolved through her lifetime, being born in England, attending medical school in Zimbabwe, and living in the United States since 2000 when she arrived to pursue her medical career. She now lives in New Jersey with her husband and two sons.

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