Top Physicians Suburban Life Magazine 2021
September 27, 2021


Congratulations to our medical doctors for being named Top Physicians in Suburban Life Magazine 2021 in the categories of neurology and (developmental  pediatrics)!


Top Physicians 2021
Making the rounds with some of the area’s finest physicians.
by Bill Donahue


We all remember “sick days” from our childhood, when we got to stay home from school to recover from whatever ailment had us feeling less than 100 percent. Few things compared to the kindness, care, and comfort of a loved one. If we were lucky, we also got treated to a bowl of Mom’s chicken soup.
As we grow older, many of us experience health issues that require a more practiced hand, from everyday health maintenance to concerning test results that keep us up at night. When those things happen, we turn to the men and women who have devoted their lives to keeping patients healthy.
Philadelphia and its surrounding suburbs abound with exceptional medical practitioners of every sort. How do you choose? Our readers are happy to offer their two cents based on their experiences. 
Earlier this year, readers cast more than 1,000 votes in a months-long reader poll about the physicians they consider among the finest in the region. We have listed those individuals on the following pages, along with some selections of our own based on recent stories we have written about doctors, practices, and health centers known for treating patients with the utmost care, whether it involves a minor health issue or a life-threatening medical concern. 
These physicians represent nearly every area of medicine. While several of the featured doctors do advertise in Suburban Life, their inclusion was not based on their willingness to advertise. In addition, we acknowledge that the Philadelphia area has many exceptional doctors, not all of whom have been recognized here.
We present our 2021 Top Physicians.

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