Annual Report 2023

2023 Q1-Q4

Annual Report

Our Mission

To transform the lives of patients through precision medicine, behavior sciences, and therapeutic treatments with compassion, dignity, and respect.

NeurAbilities Healthcare is the premier provider of neurological, behavioral and neurodevelopmental services in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, offering comfort, hope and answers that transform the lives of individuals of all ages, and their families.

Our Vision

To provide hope and achieve positive outcomes for those we serve.

Becoming the national benchmark and industry standard of care for those we serve means providing comprehensive services for the growing population of individuals with neurological, behavioral, and neurodevelopmental needs in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and beyond. Clinical excellence, operational efficiency, and exceptional patient experience are the pillars on which our foundation sits and is the bedrock that positions NeurAbilities to continue meeting the needs of our patients across the many communities we serve.

Our Values

A Letter From the Founder & Chief Medical Officer

2023 was a year of development for NeurAbilities Healthcare, both as an organization and as a team of dedicated professionals. Our team grew to over 500 in 2023. We also significantly expanded our geographical coverage by opening an 18th location near Pittsburgh, adding to our established locations in central and eastern Pennsylvania along with central and southern New Jersey. When we think about development, it is important that we measure it both by our ability to serve more patients and by the professional development and needs of our team members.

As an organization, we hold ourselves to exceedingly high standards, always prioritizing compassionate patient care and settling for nothing short of excellence. To accomplish that, it is our responsibility to continue empowering our team members through providing ample support and professional development opportunities. These initiatives earned us Top Workplace recognitions in New Jersey, Philadelphia, and the Lehigh Valley in 2023, and they remain very important as requests for our services continue to expand.

Compared to 2022, our medical assessment, diagnosis, and/or treatment visits have more than doubled while our ABA programs are serving an increasing number of patients. The data is clear that there is high demand for our services, which continues to validate our interdisciplinary model of care for patients and families.

Pivotal areas can often appear simple or small, and our team excels in recognizing those “small” positive contributions as BIG wins which often translate to dramatic gains for patient and family quality of life. We continue to strive for optimized outcomes for the people we serve, and we advance down our path of further development, with a goal of transforming lives in the process. Stay tuned for exciting advances and progress for NeurAbilities in 2024!

Mark Mintz, MD

Founder & Chief Medical Officer

Serving the Whole Patient

At NeurAbilities, our experts work collaboratively, in an interdisciplinary framework, to provide a unique and seamless patient experience focused on finding answers to complex developmental, behavioral and neurological questions. We take a whole-person approach to assessing and treating every patient, identifying both the biological and the behavioral components that make each patient unique, and individualizing treatment plans to produce best outcomes and ultimately transform lives.

Optimizing Outcomes

Early in his career, Dr. Mark Mintz, Founder and Chief Medical Officer of NeurAbilities, saw opportunities to address many of the common flaws in the specialty healthcare system. That led him to found NeurAbilities, and to devote his career to transforming the lives of his patients and their families while sharing knowledge and resources with other medical professionals.

The entire journey is captured in Dr. Mintz’s first ever book, Optimizing Outcomes: Integrated Specialty Healthcare for Individuals with Neurodevelopmental Disabilities, which was officially published in 2023. Written to challenge our thinking and provide hope to individuals with neurological, neurodevelopment, and neurobehavioral concerns, Optimizing Outcomes is a compilation of decades of valuable insights and answers, patient testimonials, and out-of-the-box methods focused solely on transforming lives. It walks through Dr. Mintz’s career and how he turned NeurAbilities from a dream into a real industry-leading provider.

Improving Access To Care

Patient care is our top priority, and ensuring patients and families can access and understand that high-quality, compassionate care is crucial. In 2023, we continued to take major strides in removing barriers and obstacles to care for patients and families, especially those who do not speak English as their first language. Through translating printed collateral resources and implementing a full Spanish-translation feature on our website, we have been able to better streamline communication with additional members of our diverse surrounding communities.

Following the full refresh and reconstruction of our website which featured several navigation and visitor support enhancements, we also implemented an interactable “AnswerBot” search feature database that we will continue to develop. This new resource will play a critical role in answering frequently asked questions and guiding website visitors to their optimal destination, whether that be a webpage or contact information.

The Scientific and Technical Advisory Committee (STAC)

We are constantly identifying opportunities to improve the patient experience and the methodologies by which we provide our high-quality services. 2023 marked the founding of the NeurAbilities Healthcare Scientific and Technical Advisory Committee (STAC), which was formed primarily to set and support that high-quality clinical standard for our team.

The committee, composed of a transdisciplinary group of both internal and external representatives spanning the fields of neurology, neuropsychology, developmental pediatrics, ABA, and therapeutic interventions, is responsible for advising our entire team on the direction of the clinical programs we provide. The guidance they have provided thus far, and will continue to provide, helps ensure the highest clinical standards that are evidence-based and outcome-driven.

Top Place To Work

We are pleased to share that NeurAbilities was recognized as a 2023 Top Workplace winner in New Jersey, Philadelphia and Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania for the second year in a row.

Key Areas of Growth: Medical Services

Our medical and clinical evaluation team makes informed diagnoses and therapeutic treatment recommendations based on the specific needs and concerns of each individual patient.

Total Appointments


New Medical Patients Served


New Neuropsychology Visits


New EEG Appointments

Key Areas of Growth: ABA Treatment

Our evaluation and treatment professionals work collaboratively to ensure the patient and family experience is exceptional and that patients receive the highest level of care, always infused with compassion and respect.


Growth in ABA Provided Hours


Starts of Care

Employee Activity

Serving our patients means supporting our valued team members in and out of the office. We are compassionate individuals with expertise spanning several fields, dedication to excellence, and a boundless passion for ensuring patients reach their goals.

Part Time Employee Increase


Full Time Employee Increase

Sharing Expertise


Conference Presentations & Posters


Social Media Posts

Patient Experience


Medical Patient Satisfaction Rating


NPS score – ABA

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Our Mission

To transform the lives of patients through precision medicine, behavior sciences, and therapeutic treatments with compassion, dignity, and respect.

Our Vision

To provide hope and achieve positive outcomes for those we serve.

Our Values

Compassion ✦ Collaboration ✦ Integrity ✦ Excellence ✦ Joy

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