Staff Spotlight: Shawn Ryan
November 19, 2020


Shawn Ryan, M.Ed., BCBA, received his Masters in Special Education from Wilmington University in Delaware and his Certificate of Advance Graduate Study in ABA from Rowan University in New Jersey.

Before working at NeurAbilities, Shawn was a special education teacher and behavior analyst at several organizations in NJ. When asked why he chose to become a behavior analyst, Shawn shares, “I believe that every person is equal no matter their current capability, culture, birthplace, or background. I began and remain in this line of work to ensure those individuals who have special needs receive the same respect and opportunity as any other citizen.”

With experience working both one-on-one and in classroom settings with children with autism, Shawn works with children of all ages and conducts assessments at every level.

Shawn shares that the question he gets asked most is “How can I help my child at home?” He finds that by teaching a new skill or helping to reduce a maladaptive behavior provides help to both the child and the family unit at the same time and is what he likes most about his job.

We are excited to introduce Shawn to our families in in the Cherry Hill area and welcome him to our ABA team!

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